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2016 General Election

2015 Christmas Banquet - Guests

2015 Christmas Banquet - Guests (2)

Presentation of Pocket Constitutions


On May 11th, five Pachy members had the privilege of handing out copies of the United States Constitution to O;Fallon District 90 Fulton Junior High Students.  We received a warm welcome. The students and teachers were most appreciative.  Afterwards we were invited to stay for an impressive presentation given by six active duty sailors currently serving aboard the USS Constitution.  What an amazing honor and fitting coincidence!

Pictures of the presentation of Pocket Constitutions to the 8th Gradersat Carriel Jr. High School on May 12, 2016

Meeting Highlights for February 25 2016

Our evening meeting Thursday February 25, 2016 featured Katherine Ruocco as guest speaker.  Katherine was born in St. Louis. She earned a BS in Business Administration from UMSL, an MBA from Lindenwood University and her Juris Doctorate from St. Louis University School of Law--most of this as a single parent.

Katherine is the sole practitioner of Ruocco Law Office LLC, a dedicated elder law and estate planning office with emphasis in advocating for the elderly and disabled.  She has 27 years of experience in legal and financial industries including multi-national consulting work, to include financial services education and compliance as well as legal and estate planning material.

Katherine is serving as a Village of Swansea Trustee and is a member of the St. Clair County Elder Justice Counsel.  She is running for Illinois State Representative.

Steve Springer attended the “1% Sales Tax” meeting Tuesday evening 2/23/16.  He gave an informative briefing and we appreciate being kept up to date on this issue.

Don’t forget to support Dallas Cook and his fight to stop three Democratic judges who want to run for election rather than retention.  Dallas needs help with legal fees which are estimated to reach approximately $20,000.00. Checks can be made out to Reinert, Weishoar & Associates.  Dallas’s mailing address is: 601 Lucinda Ave., Belleville, Illinois, 62221.  

There was no “Meet the Members” segment at Thursday's meeting but we'll learn about someone's life story at our next meeting on Friday March 4.  Will there be a new addition to our "ne'er do well" gang?!?!

The Lincoln Day Gala at Belle Court Manor in Belleville on Friday February 26, 2016 was a great success.  Representative Mike Bost was the featured speaker. The Metroeast Pachyderm Club   filled two reserved tables and had many more members in attendance.  We also sponsored a “centerfold” Pachyderm ad in the program.  Thanks to our membership for being involved and supporting our county's Republican organization!

Our weekly 50/50 drawing had no winner.  The pot is at $240.00. It will keep rolling over until someone draws the ACE of SPADES.

New things are happening at the Metro East Pachyderm Club. If you haven’t attended in a while, come on back and check us out. We’re having fun and getting stuff done!

Patti Howard - 02/19/16

Meeting Highlights for February 12, 2016

At our meeting on Friday, February 12, 2016 we had Carl E. Officer as our guest speaker. Carl grew up in East St. Louis, went to college at the former Western College, now Miami University in Oxford, Ohio where he earned a degree in Political Science. He is also a graduate of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts.  Later he received a degree in Mortuary Science from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois.  Carl, along with his sister are now the “keepers of the family tradition,” as they run Officer Funeral Home.

In 1979, Carl became the youngest mayor in the country when he was elected in his hometown of East St. Louis, Illinois.  He served four terms as mayor.  In 2009, Carl was elected as a board member of East St. Louis School District 189.

Carl Officer has lived and served his community for a long time and he knows how East St. Louis has operated under the control of the Democrat Party.  He is tired of the deceit, the corruption and the rigged elections.  Carl and several others from St. Clair County have formed the “Freedom-Coalition” and they are working hard to get as many Republicans elected so the power of big money and the Democrat Machine will come to an end.

Carl has joined the Republican Party and he is running for County Coroner.  He and his friend Gary Cornwell, who was the former Mayor of Cahokia and is now running for County Auditor, both spoke to a full house at Amore Ristorante in O’Fallon, Illinois.

Don’t forget to support Dallas Cook and his fight with the St. Clair County Election Board. Three judges who are wanting to run for election instead of the current process of being retained. Dallas needs help with legal fees in the amount of $20,000.00.  Checks can be made out to attorneys Reinert, Weishoar & Associates.  Dallas’s mailing address is: 601 Lucinda Ave., Belleville, Illinois, 62221.  Ruling on this case will be 2/18/16, 10:00a.m., 5th floor of the Sangamon County Court House. The Citizens for Honest Judges would love to have you there for support.

Jim Rubush was featured in our “Meet the Members” segment.  Jim grew up in a divorced home with an Army Dad and a school teacher Mom.  Jim loved the game of football and was a hard working team member even though he never did “start” a game.  A lot of lessons were learned through those experiences and his team voted him “Most Influential Player”. He ended up at the Air Force Academy and a career in the U.S. Air Force.  Jim has also written a book on economics and was a featured speaker at our Pachyderm Club. 

The Lincoln Day Gala will be held at Bellecourt Manor in Belleville on February 26, 2016.  The address of the Manor is 225 East A Street, Belleville, Illinois.  Social time begins at 5:00 and dinner is at 6:30.  Governor Rauner and Senator Bost will be speaking. Tickets are $50.00 each or $80.00 a couple.  Tickets can be purchased on the St. Clair County Republican Party website.

Our 50/50 drawing had no winner. Pot didn’t get counted but is approx. $175.00.  It will keep rolling over till someone draws the ACE of SPADES.

New things are happening at the Metro East Pachyderm Club. If you haven’t been in a while, come on back and check us out.  We’re having fun and getting stuff done!

Meeting Highlights for February 5, 2016

At our meeting on Friday February 5, 2016 we had Dallas Cook as our guest speaker.  Dallas is the City Clerk of Belleville and he has worked very hard against the Democrat political machine in St. Clair County.  His latest battle is with the State Election Board.  Three St. Clair County judges have opted to run for re-election rather than retention.  The reason being, retention requires 60% of the vote where in an election, you only need the majority vote. It’s crooked and it’s wrong.  Dallas filed an objection with the state and he is now in a real legal battle that needs to be won!  He could use our help with legal fees which are now at $20,000.00.  If you can help in any way please send him a check made out to Reinert, Weishaar & Associates. Dallas’s mailing address is: Dallas Cook, 601 Lucinda Ave., Belleville, Ill. 62221.  

The ruling on this case will be February 18, 2016.  To show your support, join the “Citizens for Honest Judges” at the Sangamon County Court House at 10:00 a.m. on the 5th floor.

Mary Gray, our club's vice President, was featured this week in our “Meet the Members” segment. She wanted to be a nurse but met John Gray (remember the ne’er do well) so she turned in her stethoscope to become an Army wife. They are living happily ever after. Mary is an excellent writer and editor.

The Lincoln Day Dinner will be held at Belle Court in Belleville.  We will email information to you. Governor Rauner and Representative Bost will be speaking.

Our 50/50 drawing had no winner. Pot is $149.00. It will keep rolling over.

Meeting Highlights 01/28/16

Pachyderm Meeting Highllights 
January 28, 2016

At our evening meeting on Thursday January 28, 2016 we had Rodger Cook as our guest speaker.  Roger shared his story about growing up locally and how he got into politics.  His time in office has been spent trying to end corrupt government practices, which led him to help start the “Freedom Coalition”. This is made up of people who are fed up with one party rule (Democrat) for over thirty years that has created the culture of corruption in St. Clair County government.

John Gray was featured this week in our “Meet the Members” segment.  We found out that he had to join the army before he could marry his wife.  Future father-in-law thought he was a ne'er-do-well.

Now he’s all about computers and communication.  A real Techie!

50/50 drawing had no winner.  Pot is $128.00.   It will keep rolling over.

New things are happening at the Metro East Pachyderm Club. If you haven’t been in a while, come on back and check us out. We’re having fun and getting stuff done!

Meeting Highlights 01/22/16

Pachyderm Meeting Highllights 
for January 22, 2016

At our meeting on Friday January 22, 2016 we learned about all the new laws that our State Senators and Representatives have been busy passing.  There are approximately 237 of them.  They range from the silly (HB0208 The official pie of Illinois is now pumpkin), to the scary (HB1498 Allows local governments to hold closed meetings to discuss school safety issues), to somewhere in between (HB3667 Reduces the mandate that 25% of new state vehicles run on alternative fuels to 15%) not as efficient as they thought it would be. Steve Amos did the presentation with lots of good discussion.

Adrian Heuerman was featured this week in our “Meet the Members” segment. We learned he wanted to be a history teacher but went into accounting instead where you could make some money.  He would like to author short stories when he grows up.

The Lincoln Day Dinner will be held at Belle Court in Belleville, date to be announced.

Our 50/50 drawing had no winner. Pot is $81.00.  It will keep rolling over.

Meeting Highlights 01/15/2016

Pachyderm Meeting Highlights 
for January 15, 2016

We had a good meeting on Friday. Steve Springer did a great presentation on the proposed 1% sales tax. A discussion followed with lots of participation.

We have added a new segment to our meeting were we meet the members of our club. Paul Cleary was featured this week. We learned a lot about him and were quite entertained in the process. 

We had an update on the status of the Young Republicans Club at the High School. It looks very promising. 

Our 50/50 drawing pot is up to $51.00. It will keep rolling over until we have a winner. 

New things are happening at the Metro East Pachyderm Club. If you haven’t been in a while, come on back and check us out. We’re having fun and getting stuff done!


Meeting Highlights 01/08/16

Pachyderm Meeting Highlights
for January 8, 2016

 Introduction of new Board: 

Robin Springer (President), Mary Gray (Vice President)
Rick Van Etten (Treasurer), John Gray (Secretary)
Steve Amos (Political Ed.), Paul Cleary,
Adrian Heuermann, Jim Rubush
Membership: Pam Fowl
Public Relations: Harlan Gerrish

 A big thanks to all for accepting leadership rolls!

 Goals for 2016 

Weekly meetings will focus more on education.

Weekly topics will be announced 

Pro and con views will be introduced

Speakers will be invited accordingly 

Workshops for public activism

Forums for the public, this is one possible suggestion: 

"What is a Republican, a Democrat, a Socialist, a Libertarian"

Take the Pachyderms to the youth. Go into the schools. This requires effort and leadership. We can do this. 

Put the Constitution into the hands of every youth in St Clair County.

These are a few of the ideas we are going to accomplish this year.

If you were unable to attend last week we missed you, so try to make it next week. We need your energy and your ideas.


2015 Christmas Banquet & Installation

2015 Programs

February 6th - John Drolet and Herb Roach, Aldermen

February 13th - Kenny Blum, Ameren Illinois

February 19th - Lincoln Day Dinner at Bellecourt Manor, Congressman Mike Bost

February 20th - Paul Schimpf, Lt Col USMC Ret.   Paul served as the lead American Attorney advisor to the Iraqi prosecutors in the trial of Saddam Hussein.

<strong">February 26th (Dinner) - Kent Strang, Grassroots Program Director, Americans for Prosperity

March 6th - Habitat for Humanity.  Habitat for Humanity's mission statement is:  To put God's love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope.  Ken Beeman will provide an overview of the organization's history and the services it continues to provide.

March 13th - Harlan Gerrish

March 20th - O'Fallon School District 90/203 School Board Candidates
Mark Christ (203)
Donna Johnson (203)
Jim Rubush (203)
Quennetta Chambers (90)
Steve Hellin (90)


March 16th (Dinner) - Coptic Christian Usama Dakdok, (http://www.thestraightway.org)
For over a decade, Usama has traveled across the United States.  His Mission:  Revealing the truth about Islam.

We had a fantastic speaker, Usama Dakdok.  He is a United States citizen who grew up in Egypt as a Coptic Christian.  He enlightened us to the threat of Islam and how to combat the jihadists.  His belief is that jihad will be here in the next 10 or so years when Muslims are 10 - 15% of the population.  We had a great group that asked questions and made it much clearer on the seriousness of the open borders, etc.



April 3rd - Representative Mike Bost, 12th Congressional District






April 10th - Steve Amos, topic:  The Politics of Mine Subsidence.  One of our members, Steve Amos, spoke about Mine Subsidence and how it became a political issue and then hasn't been a huge topic in the last 15 years. More pictures on Facebook.




April 17th - Mr Phillip Paeltz, Headmaster for Governor French Academy, Topic:  Common Core and its hurting our children.




 April 23rd (Dinner) - Mr Glenn McCoy, cartoonist for the Belleville News Democrat.  How does Glenn decide on which cartoons to create?  See Facebook for more pictures.

Political cartoonist Glenn McCoy spoke to a crowd at the Pachyderm Club this evening. Real humor...real fun...shared great stories and loads of laughs from his work. The crowd admires hid work and the comic yet honest perspective it brings to the editorial page! Great meeting.




May 1st  - O'Fallon Ward 2 Alderman Jerry Albrecht: 

Topic:  The new St Elizabeth's Hospital and the city water ballot initiative.




May 8th - Dallas Cook, Belleville City Clerk. Speaking on current and future city events.

May 15th - Representative from Toastmaster's International, Lance Richter.  Learn how to be a more confident speaker.


May 21st (Dinner) - Mason Weaver - Noted speaker, trainer, facilitator and author of "It's OK to Leave the Plantation".

Known for his quick wit, vigorous debate and forceful oratory, Mason is a challenge to the opposition and an instructive, persuasive counselor to allies.


May 29th - Ed Martin, President of Eagle Forum - Topic is "A Choice, Not an Echo".  Why do we get presidential candidates that do not reflect our values?


June 5th - Jane Raef from Illinois Federation of Republican Women


June 12 - Video presentation:
Anyone who wants to truly understand the truth about big government must look behind today's headlines.  Judicial Watch's video presentation:  "The District of Corruption".


“District of Corruption” is a film from Stephen K Bannon and Judicial Watch. The film (68 minutes) traces the arc of government and secrecy from the Clinton Administration through the Bush Years to the current corruption and transparency crises of the Obama administration. And make no mistake: this film is the most factual and compelling film on this out-of-control Obama administration that you will ever see.

Even though it is a hard-hitting film with high adrenaline, and is emotionally charged, it is also about saving our institutions of government from the corruption and cronyism that threatens our constitutional republic. This film is an attempt to show the sweeping political corruption within both political parties. I encourage you to attend the viewing of this movie and be able to identify the areas of corruption within the federal government.


June 18th - Anthony Maheu, Vice President of Secure Retirement Planners, Inc.


June 25th (Dinner) Pastor Eddie Cage, former Black Panther, now conservative Christian, Pastor Edward Cage will share his compelling story at this week's evening meeting.  Born in St. Louis and raised on the city's North side, his youth was spent as a drug-selling gang member.  Mad at the world generally, and at white people specifically, he turned to Islam.  Discover the epiphany that turned his life around.


July 10th -No Speaker - Open Forum: We will be discussing upcoming club events, future speakers and topics, and address any questions or concerns.


July 17 - OFallon, IL District 90's Carrie Hruby, Superintendent, This will be your chance to ask the Superintendent a question about the district, her vision for the future, and any thing else that may be on your mind.  See more pictures on Facebook.




 July 23 (Dinner) - Percy Menzies - President of Assisted Recovery Centers of America.  ARCA is a comprehensive behavioral health treatment provider that specializes in treating mental health issues coupled with chemical dependencies.  http://arcamidwest.com
More pictures on Facebook.



July 31 - John Hughes, Brig. Gen. USAF (Ret)
General Hughes is the Director of both Office of Military Affairs and Office of Purchasing and Central Services (Contracts) Divisions for St Clair County.




August 7th - planning session for our December 3rd annual banquet.  The date is fast approaching and all club members are asked to assist the banquet committee with suggestions and/or to volunteer with this year's effort.  This is our only fundraiser of the year and we need your help to make this event a success. 

Our permit to conduct a gun raffle, 50/50, lottery tree, and booze basket were approved by the city council on Monday night.  Now is the time to begin selling tickets, especially for the gun raffle.  The gun raffle will be a little different this year.  We will have a choice of three weapons from Ron & Jo’s or a cash prize.  If you would be able to assist us in selling tickets and/or helping with this year’s banquet, we are having a meeting this Friday at Amore in place of a speaker.

August 14th - Jim Rubush spoke on his views of Economics.

August 21st - Meeting cancelled due to many members attending conference.

August 27th (Dinner) - John West on How to appeal property assessments.

September 4th - No meeting due to Labor Day weekend.

September 11th - Curtis Williams speaking about Ham Radio Operations

September 18th - John Gray
will talk about Network Security authority and the ever changing malware and malicious software.  What is a trojan horse? a worm?  spyware?



September 24th (Dinner) - Kurt Prenzler


October 2nd - Open Meeting to discuss programs and activities.


October 16th - Steve Amos discussing FOIA.

Glenn McCoy, Cartoonist


Mr Phillip Paeltz, Governor French Academy



Mr. Phillip Paeltz, Governor French Academy in Belleville, discussed the Common Core and how it is hurting our children.   See more pictures on Facebook.






Congratulations to Award Recipients

Pictured left to right
Keynote speaker, Mark Mix
Robert Lyons (Tough Tusk Award)
Brad VanHoose (Community Activist Award)
Mary Gray (Meritorious Service Award)
Joe Behnken (Meritorious Service Award)


2014 Banquet Winners

Announcing the winners of the drawings at the Annual Banquet.

•Michael Neubert won both booze and lottery ticket tree

•De’ion Warrick won 50-50

•Brian Sherman won AR-15

•Kevin Jackson donated two copies of his new book and the door prize winners of the books were Mary Carroll and Doris Carthy.

Congratulations to all the winners.


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